The Business & Civic Experience to Protect Huntington’s Future

Ready to protect our town for generations to come

As Town Supervisor, Tracey will ensure we protect our town’s precious way of life by:

  • focusing on clean water initiatives
  • creating more efficiencies that hold the line on taxes
  • providing assistance to seniors & veterans
  • maximizing economic, health, and social opportunities to keep families here
  • continuing constituent accessibility and transparency
A top business executive who’s never forgotten her Huntington roots

Raised in Huntington by a police detective and working mom, Tracey first Volunteered as a candy striper at Huntington Hospital. After starting as a telephone operator at Fortune 100 company, Tracey rose to become a regional president, overseeing thousands of New York employees.

From School Board to Town Board – beating cancer along the way

A community activist, Tracey served on the Elwood School Board and later on Huntington’s Planning Board. She also served as economic development co-chair for Long Island’s leading business association (LIA) before her election to Huntington’s Town Board – where she’s fought to protect our quality of life. In 2016, she won a bout with breast cancer prompting her to spearhead town services to provide local assessment and diagnosis.